Summer Heat and Heart Health

Summer can be a difficult season to cope with if you have medical issues with your heart. There are two physiological ways to regulate body temperature in the heat, and both tax our cardiovascular system. Depending on how hot the weather gets, summer heat can have a severe effect on your heart health. People with […]


Men’s Heart Health Tips

Especially when it comes to heart health, men need to learn what they can do to live longer, healthier lives. Starting this month, men can take a handful of simple steps to ensure they live a heart-healthy lifestyle. Adopt Better Eating Habits Fast-paced living makes us pay less and less attention to our meals. We […]


Get Moving! 4 Tips to A Stronger Cardiovascular System

Keeping your cardiovascular system healthy and robust takes effort. Other than a proper diet and rest, being active is one of the main requirements for a healthy life. Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle is the reality of many: research shows that Americans spend an average of 11 hours per day sitting. In preserving health, it’s essential […]


The Benefits of Running for Your Heart

Everyone knows that regular physical activity is one of the keys to living a healthy life. However, different types of exercise provide different benefits, so choosing the correct athletic activity is important. If it’s your heart health that has you concerned, running is a powerful way to strengthen and improve the function of your heart […]


Am I Having a Stroke?

Even though people know what a stroke is, it’s still essential to review the symptoms and risk factors to save lives. A fast reaction to stroke can make a massive difference in the outcome. Unfortunately, the majority of the 65,000 Americans who are estimated to have a stroke this month won’t be aware of the […]


How to Know If Your Chest Pain Is a Problem

Experiencing chest pain doesn’t always mean you should rush to a doctor, even though people tend to get worried about it quickly. Chest pain can be due to a wide variety of causes. While some of them are serious, others are not, so it’s essential to educate yourself to distinguish between the most common ones. […]