Five Questions to Ask Your Cardiologist

Your cardiologist may be the most important physician you have in your life, as cardiovascular diseases are among the leading causes of death today. According to research, half of all Americans suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it’s vital to know what to ask your cardiologist during your next visit. With that in […]


Treatments for Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a severe and deadly condition that occurs suddenly and without warning. We already discussed how it works and how vital it is to help a person who’s suddenly fallen ill. We also talked about the leading causes of SCA. Now it’s time to discuss the treatments a person may receive […]


Possible Causes of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

In our previous post, we discussed what sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is and how it significantly differs from a typical heart attack. Now it’s time to address the leading causes of this potentially fatal occurrence. As SCA can often be fatal, it’s vital to know what causes it. What Can Cause Sudden Cardiac Arrest? If […]


What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

Stress is an inevitable part of life, especially in today’s society that is in a constant quest for maximum productivity and instant results. Our fast-paced way of life leaves much to be desired when it comes to health. The human body can respond to stress in various ways, but none of them have a positive […]