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Syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness usually related to insufficient blood flow to the brain. It’s also called fainting or “passing out.”

What is a Tilt-table Test?

Your doctor may order a tilt-table test to look for causes of fainting (syncope). In this test, you lie on a table with your legs straight. The table is then elevated at an angle so that your head is higher than your feet. You are kept in this position for several minutes to assess for the development of symptoms such as fainting or palpitations. Your response to the tilt- table test may enable your doctor to tailor therapy to treat your symptoms.

What are Implantable Loop Recorders?

Implantable loop recorders offer your doctor a means to assess for heart rhythm abnormalities with conditions that occur infrequently and in patients who experience fainting or loss of consciousness. These devices continuously record several minutes of your heart rhythm (this is called a loop recording); when the device detects a possible heart-rhythm abnormality, or the patient “activates” the device, this loop of the heart-rhythm recording is saved to the device’s memory chip. The recordings are then downloaded from the device at your doctor’s office or transmitted to your doctor’s office from your home (if this feature is included in your device).

We also offer outpatient monitoring including holter monitors and event recorders for evaluation of cardiac causes of syncope.