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We utilize outpatient testing to diagnose vein problems. All of our vein treatments are done in our office.

At PHVC we are happy to provide patients with an extensive vein clinic for treatment of venous insufficiency. We provide office based testing for vein anatomy if needed. From Laser Vein Ablation to sclerotherapy, all our testing and procedures are done in office. Our goal is to help improve your symptoms and help you feel confident again.

What is Laser Vein Ablation?

This is a procedure used to treat venous insufficiency when a patient has incompetent valves in their veins. Most commonly done on the greater saphenous vein, this is an endovenous procedure that uses laser therapy. This laser delivers thermal energy into the vein causing occlusion, fibrosis, and ultimately causing disappearance of the vein. 

What is a Pheblectomy?

Phlebectomy is another vein procedure used to treat venous insufficiency. Your doctor may use this to treat superficial veins that cannot be treated with the laser vein ablation. It is a minimally invasive procedure where a small instrument is used the remove parts of the vein through small incisions made in superficial areas of the skin along the vein.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure used to eliminate spider veins and varicose veins. A small needle is used to inject a solution just under the skin and into the vein. This medication irritates the vein wall and causing it to collapse and stick together.